Our Mission

The mission of the Florida Literary Arts Coalition (FLAC) is to promote the literary arts. Toward this end, we have identified some practical means:

Florida Writer’s Circuit

to provide writers opportunities to read and discuss their work, and to provide host members of the circuit the opportunity to engage these writers at reduced expense through networking and sharing costs.

Other Words Conference

to promote the literary arts in Florida by hosting an annual gathering of the independent literary community of readers, writers, and mission-driven literary publishers.

 Literary Clearinghouse

to present information to writers, small presses, literary journals, literary conferences, libraries, and others engaged in the presentation of literature to audiences.  Follow us on Facebook ("Other Words Conference") and http://flacnews.blogspot.com/.

Literary Education

to play a major role in arts education through using our literary resources.

Literary Initiatives

to identify and coordinate new means of enhancing independent literary culture. FLAC will engage in fundraising to secure funds to succeed in its mission and when possible to assist members in their missions and projects.

In short, FLAC seeks to become the virtual tent in which Florida's far-flung literary organizations and artists can gather to share resources and ideas, to find answers to questions, and to help them become better participants and practitioners in the work and art of literary culture in our state.