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  • Ellen Kirkland (Wednesday, December 26 12 04:24 pm EST)

    Enjoyed your site.

  • Sam Carter (Wednesday, February 29 12 03:26 pm EST)

    Hey man great page! Keep up the good work.....

  • hdpe welder (Monday, January 16 12 10:29 pm EST)

    great website.

  • Ann Wood Fuller (Tuesday, November 22 11 12:02 pm EST)

    As a participant and member of the Florida Literary Arts Coalition I want to say thank you for opertunities that you offer to us writers.-I enjoy this conference very much. Thank you

  • Siggy Buckley (Wednesday, August 24 11 06:01 pm EDT)

    Look forward to attending next conference and get an opportunity to meet other authors and maybe sell my books...}?

  • Keydren (Monday, August 22 11 03:09 am EDT)

    For the love of God, keep writing these atrclies.

  • Sidney Andrews (Tuesday, June 28 11 07:05 pm EDT)

    Sidney Andrews, author of "A Fall to New Heights."

  • Ron Cooper (Monday, June 06 11 08:46 pm EDT)

    I'm a novelist whose books have been published by a small, indie press. This conference sounds interesting.

  • ann wood fuller (Sunday, April 17 11 12:33 am EDT)

    I enjoyed the conference last year and look forward to this year!

  • Sharon L. Espinosa (Friday, December 31 10 01:17 am EST)

    Just discovered this site due to belonging to Writers Village University.