Event Spotlight: Dream Garden


Introduction by Matt Roberts + Terri Witek


Dream Garden is a site-specific project by artist Matt Roberts (Associate Professor of Digital Arts, Stetson University), poet Terri Witek (Professor of English, Sullivan Chair in Creative Writing, Stetson University) and Michael Branton (Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science) to gather, graft and nurture a city’s dreams. 


Each time a city dweller texts a 7-word dream (a poetic form moving private experience into public space), that dream automatically joins others both in a “garden”

(a designated physical location in the city, in this case

Flagler College’s West Lawn) and online at 

www.inthedreamgarden.comThe project shows how some community resources – like citizens’ dreams – can inhabit and expand a space without wounding it, colonizing it, or wasting natural resources. As a political space it's urban renewal and greening without displacement. As a philosophical space, it suggests that dreaming together may change a city and even a country. As a community garden, it suggests that our dreams aren’t wasted – they are growable, transplantable, and in the poetic space of the project, both virtual and real.


This project is in conjunction with the Other Words Conference, coordinated by the Florida Literary Arts Coalition, convening at Flagler College from November 3-5, 2016.


Photo Credit: Matt Roberts

Other Words Conference update


An update following the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew


First of all, we hope that you, our friends, did not suffer too much damage in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.  

The beautiful town of St. Augustine was hit hard, but it is up and running.  The conference organizers are contacting local bayfront hotels to ensure they will be open in time. However, there are many that were not affected by the storm. We will keep you posted.

The Florida Literary Arts Coalition was made aware from Flagler College that it had experienced some flooding and wind damage from Hurricane Matthew. Thankfully, the college has been cleaned up and has since reopened. Due to the hard work and dedication of Flagler College, its students, local residents, and the disaster relief team, the Other Words Literary Conference will proceed as planned! The conference begins Thursday, November 3rd and will run until the following Saturday, November 5th, 2016.

Thank you and see you soon,

The Florida Literary Arts Coalition


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2014 Other Words Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy of Michael Macdonald.