Call for Panels and Papers for Other Words 2015!

Gear up for another great conference! This year's 2015 Other Words Conference will be held at Flager College in St. Augustine on November 5-7th. The theme, Lyrics and Lyricism, focuses on the craft of creative writing-- various writing and teaching techniques, sources of inspiration, and navigating the publishing world. We look forward to seeing you there!


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The 2015 Other Words conference will be held November 5th-7th at Flagler College. More information to follow! 

2014 Other Words Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy of Michael Macdonald.

2014 Other Words Workshops

Terri Witek

Writing in the Crisp-Ellert Museum with Terri Witek and Cyriaco Lopes

Poet Terri Witek and visual artist Cyriaco Lopes lead an all-genre workshop that encourages writing about oceans and rivers. The workshop meets in the galleries that house their current show featuring world waters, Currents/Correntes.


The poet Terri Witek and the visual artist Cyriaco Lopes have been collaborating since 2005. While Witek often writes poetry about art, Lopes' art work often investigates language. A signature of their collaborations is that their media, art and poetry, interweave while each retains its identity. By reinventing, interrupting and restaging each other's words and images, they create a hybrid third possibility. Their collaborations so far have extended to video, performance, photography, drawing, and artists' books.


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